Hunter Dragon has a brand new website...and show.

Well, he's done it....with hardly the help of any other being. Hunter Dragon has joined the many solicitors, cockblockers, vagabonds, and extraterrestrial marketers with a site of his own. You can go there via the firefox, safari, explorer, chrome, netscape, aol, msn, facebooks, obama fist bumps. So what is taking you so long. Quit reading this bullshit. I don't care of you are beating your sister with a golf club or celebrating the 25th anniversary of pac-man, it won't take long...just go:


Also, Hunter is having a show featuring musical adventures:
Hunter Dragon and the Dragonettes
Oscar (aka Red Shift Radio)
Moonlings (dreamtunes)
@ Yellow Feather (11 & Santa Fe)
November 20th, bitches.
all ages $5 obo.

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