HOLY FUCK]]]]]} Larimer Lounge Wednesday Night Preview.

So if you haven't heard of Holy Fuck yet, well let me tell you, its fucking good as fuck. Their fucking name fucking fits the sound better than one could imagine. And guess what, fuckers! They are playing at the Larimer Lounge tomorrow night in Denver, CO. I will fucking be there...and a few of my friends are fucking going too. Also performing: Indian Jewelry, Gauntlet Hair, DJ Peter Black. If you are a fan of fucking partying, fucking drinking, fucking loud music, or fucking awesomeness...then you will not avoid this event. Don't forget to get Holy Fucked tomorrow night at fucking Larimer fucking Lounge!

Holy Fuck has a free song download available right here. get it now!

here is a cool vid I found by Indian Jewelry, who is also playing:

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