200 Million Years Later!!! Please help us help our friends.

Hello all ye' travelers of well being and purveyors of healthy activities. I present you with a quotum, a quandry, and a disturbing fact by which all disturbation is judged. Our dear friends and talented Denver artists, 200 Million Years, were the victims of an unfortunate event last weekend. All of their music gear (samples included) was stolen from their vehicle. Having thrust forward with new songs, valuable stage presence, and a groovy sense of wonder, these guys are well on their way to stardom and were stopped dead in their tracks by a thief. So now it is incumbent upon us to help out our fellow artists and creators of good in this town. I've never seen a band more excited than these guys were to perform last Friday night...and I have never seen a band more devastated after the sudden loss of all their stuff. Please won't you help by downloading their EP from band camp. You name the price! Even if you already have it though, please give a little something. Afterall, they would do the same for you. 

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