a UMS recap in Haiku form

Pollination Population
You are up above
A pizza kitchen and all
These people seem scared


Hideous Men performing at Indy Ink, day 3

Hideous Men
Ryan and Kristi
Their hoods are somewhat goofy
They fucked that shit up

Whoa man I'm freakin
Loud dirty trippy textures
Someone pass the chips

Eric Fuller, I
want to sleep inside your beard
You melted my face

Frankly Tasty hot dog van
Fat tubes of grilled meat
in a cute Volkswagen van
you saved my life twice

Itchy-O Marching Band in front of the Broadway Cop Shop

Itchy-O Marching Band
Damn it all, people
You do an ambitious thing
And your costumes rule

The irony of
This band playing a kid's store
Was lost on no one

Lucha Libre
I'm not really sure
what's going on with these guys
beefy dudes in masks

Carbon Choir
I wish these people
would shut up for a minute
so I could hear you

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