Wentworth Kersey's 3rd EP and Show Last Night @ UMS

Just got the 3rd ep by Wentworth Kersey of the Denver based label Plastic Sound Supply. Been a huge fan since I first saw them at their EP#1 release party at the very intimate basement of the Thin Man. Was a wonderful show. But I saw them last night at the UMS and it was a huge difference from the first show. Now with Jason Iselin from George and Caplin on bass and Frieda Stalheim on violin, the sound was just as full as the records themselves and a perfect recreation live. Joe Sampson (Bad Weather California) and Jeffrey Stevens (also from George and Caplin) are the true threads that bind this band though. Both of them were just so fun to watch and listen to. Put me in a happy heavenly cloud for 30 minutes:)

Visit WentworthKersey.com for some free track downloads and grab a copy of one of their EPs at iTunes or local record stores. The new one is really fantastic but I highly suggest checking out the whole trilogy to get the full story of this band.


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