What's This Gonna Cost? Only six dollars, and maybe some of your heart.

The majestic new album from Brooklyn's (via Denver!!) Tim Pourbaix, "What's This Gonna Cost," is available for purchase at the Bocumast store here! Recorded to tape with just an acoustic guitar and microphone the minimalist approach allows the listener to fill in the open spaces with the music of the emotions Tim's lyrics and hushed, cracking vocals conjure up. The perfect companion to a rain-soaked window pane and a drowned, lifeless bag of Earl Grey.

Tim Pourbaix plays two shows at this year's Denver Post Underground Music Showcase: 6:00pm Saturday July 24th at The Walnut Room Pizzeria and 6:45pm Sunday July 25th at the South Broadway Christian Church. Buy the album and bring whatever is left of your fragile emotional psyche down to the UMS to watch Tim's heart seep out of his mouth and hands.

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