"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Otem Rellik's CD release party in Denver and album review

September 17th @ Meadowlark Bar

Otem Rellik (CD Release)
200 Million Years
Tommy Metz (aka iuengliss)
Hunter Dragon

Otem Rellik's new album "Elephant Graveyard" is fantastic. Just got it from him on Saturday night and I can't stop listening to it. It's definitely his most heartfull work to date and is a top notch production as well. The songs make you want to cry. Happy tears though, not all sad. But a very emotional ride. And his vocals have skyrocketed. Anyways, please check the album out here and listen to this song/video. It really creates a good feeling:

Walking on Stilts from otem rellik on Vimeo.

"The Open Heart" LP by id(est) is moody minimalistic electronic candy for the ears!

Was very pleased to hear from some old friends the other day. One of which was Carlos Esparza who writes music under the name id(est). I got in touch with him in college when I discovered his spiral galaxy records label. Really the only label of it's kind in Denver at the time that I know of which made me incredibly excited. Since then, Carlos has released lots of music along side other label mates The Flood Plain and Quality Control to name a few. All amazing electronic musicians.

This album "The Open Heart" is a very beautiful listen. Good for a sunny afternoon outside. It's Moody and thought provoking and I Highly suggest checking it out. You can listen to the entire thing and purchase it at his bandcamp page here.

Preview Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's new 7in on Bandcamp

Preview Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's new 7in over at their Bandcamp page. It's fantastic. You can purchase the songs there in any format you like but we suggest getting the physical 7in cuz their music deserves to be heard on vinyl.

Gorinto Talent Search!

"Gorinto Atthemerc"

Now seeking talent for variety of all kinds. Get with this! and Check out Gorinto Every Wed @ Mercury Cafe. Especially September 8.

Married in Berdichev, Aenka and more participate in Denver Does Denver this Saturday

"Illiterate returns with the second annual Denver Does Denver, an event of mass creative promiscuity in which bands DO bands and artists DO artists....." read more here. Many bocumast bands are participating.

Aenka @ Dazzle {Showroom}. Monday Aug. 23. 7PM. The best in Colorado Free Jazz.

AENKA feat. Josh Trinidad on TUBA!
Dazzle Showroom. Monday. August 23. 7pm.
FREE CD to Anyone that mentions this post!!!!

So get your legs working again, chug a red bull, bury your sister in the grass, and make your way to Dazzle tomorrow night!

-Bocumast will be giving away free shit too. Free shit!

Beck's Record Club

So, apparently, Beck is gathering different musicians to do an album in a day. Brilliant. Check it out here:

Also, Boom's got some goods on it too:
(jamie lidell is feat. in middle vid...he's one of our favs)

I was not aware of this, but after watching the videos, especially some of the older ones, I have become very impressed...and somewhat aroused. Can't wait to hear some of the final mixes.

Spend some time with these. Its worth while, unlike most stuff...like typing...and cannonballs.


Bottesini August 20 at Limon Restaurant

If you want a special treat and perhaps some good food too. Check out The Bottesini Project on August 20th at Limon Restaurant in Denver. This is a new potential venue for jazz and the like. Get out to it and later you'll want to explore your body at home...or maybe even a friend's body at their place...who knows where this might lead.

Pictureplane, Married in Berdichev, Hideous Men, Pollination Population, Sft Stps @ Rhinoceropolis on August 20th.

Yes, I know there is much happening on this date already. Well, here is something better.
In case this is your taco night, enjoy your tacos, take your time and eat them slowly, chew every bite, then go to Rhino. There is time for both.

Click the image and watch the window change to a facebook invite page. Wow.

Bocumast taking over Lost Lake in August

Bocumast Artists are taking over Lost Lake Lounge (3602 E. Colfax, Denver) every Thursday of August and each show is only FIVE (5) DOLLARS. Here is the lineup:

Night 1: Aug 5th
Wire Faces
Bottesini Project

Night 2: Aug 12th
Vairber (New Jason Cain Project)

Night 3: Aug 19th
Tommy Metz (iuengliss)
Milton Melvin Croissant III
Hunter Dragon
Jason Cain
Patrick Lee

Night 4: Aug 26th
Hideous Men
Married in Berdichev
Gumdrop Lollipop (New Hunter Dragon Project)

*Nightly Appearances by Watercourse Foods Steamin Demon Food Cart


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