"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Bottesini, Aenka (feat. Ryan of Hideous Men), Green Typewriters. Tonight. Dec. 3. Walnut Room.

do spiders have mouths? who's the father of recorded music? find out tonight at 9p. Walnut room. Bring a friend.-click the poster to rsvp and get more info. 

Wire Faces at Moe's this weekend with Mini Mansions (Members of Queens of the Stone Age)

Wire Faces are playing a show this Saturday with Mini Mansions, which features members of Queens of the Stone Age, and Action Friend. It's $7 and 16+. Have a look at their facebook invite here. Come on out and hear some of the new Wire Faces jams they are working on. They are the Fn' shit!

Hunter Dragon has a brand new website...and show.

Well, he's done it....with hardly the help of any other being. Hunter Dragon has joined the many solicitors, cockblockers, vagabonds, and extraterrestrial marketers with a site of his own. You can go there via the firefox, safari, explorer, chrome, netscape, aol, msn, facebooks, obama fist bumps. So what is taking you so long. Quit reading this bullshit. I don't care of you are beating your sister with a golf club or celebrating the 25th anniversary of pac-man, it won't take long...just go:



Also, Hunter is having a show featuring musical adventures:
Hunter Dragon and the Dragonettes
Oscar (aka Red Shift Radio)
Moonlings (dreamtunes)
@ Yellow Feather (11 & Santa Fe)
November 20th, bitches.
all ages $5 obo.

Jon Wirtz solo Release Party Tonight (Wed) @ Dazzle. 7p.

303 839.5100 for reservations.

If you haven't heard of Jon Wirtz by now, well...its about time you do. He has been a friend to Bocumast for many years, appearing on our very first release, The Sputter's Great Unseen. His new album "Sea Level" will be available for purchase in our catalogue shortly. Jon has performed on David Letterman, George Lopez, and Ellen. His talents as a solo artist stretch beyond the normal spectrum of skill to an emotional level. Anyway, more about that later. His local release party is tonight at Dazzle. $7. If you come dressed as your favorite jazz musician, its only $7 though. So check it out tonight. He has put together quite a show. Don't keep this shit to yourself.   

Jon Wirtz
Dazzle (930 Lincoln st. denver co)
call 303.839.5100 to make reservations.

And so begins the trend of worship babies.

and the Boyz II Men remix:

This baby girl is a trend setter, people! Notice the trends being set.

Josh Cain read (outloud) by David Kurtz: The National at Fillmore Review.

Just in case you don't want to read some of the best things we have to offer on bocumast.com...you know, maybe you're just not a "reader" or perhaps you're feeling "lazy" today. Well, then all you have to do is listen to this. You don't even have to watch it cause its really just a shot of my keyboard, but we at Bocumast feel like we should go the extra mile for you, so that's what we are doing. Lets see Rollingstone read their content to their fans, or Spin magazine offer up such an alternative. That's right. The future is now, we are riding on the winds of it. Won't you join in the ride, its already left the station, but you can still catch up. Just hit play. Also, I have offered a reading of this paragraph in case you don't want to read this either:

don't keep this shit to yourself.

HOLY FUCK]]]]]} Larimer Lounge Wednesday Night Preview.

So if you haven't heard of Holy Fuck yet, well let me tell you, its fucking good as fuck. Their fucking name fucking fits the sound better than one could imagine. And guess what, fuckers! They are playing at the Larimer Lounge tomorrow night in Denver, CO. I will fucking be there...and a few of my friends are fucking going too. Also performing: Indian Jewelry, Gauntlet Hair, DJ Peter Black. If you are a fan of fucking partying, fucking drinking, fucking loud music, or fucking awesomeness...then you will not avoid this event. Don't forget to get Holy Fucked tomorrow night at fucking Larimer fucking Lounge!

Holy Fuck has a free song download available right here. get it now!

here is a cool vid I found by Indian Jewelry, who is also playing:

You Might Need The National More Than You Think You Will

Last night The National played to a dense and frantic crowd at the Fillmore Auditorium. I don't really have the words to describe the scene, but it looked and felt like thousands of exploding stars, with each person in the crowd having their own semi-private reaction to beginning chords, whispered words or furious shouts. On more than one occasion I felt my chest get torn open, my heart get pulled out and held in air, dripping with blood, bruised and barely beating, in front of me. I could only look at it out of my periphery, fearful of the self-examination that would surely follow a direct glance. I stared at the floor. Then up at a chandelier. Then back at the floor, avoiding eye contact with my hovering heart at all costs. My eyes filled with salty water, the tides rolling back and coming in with a simple lyric or subtle hand gesture. I felt my limbs and organs atrophy as singer Matt Berninger rolled the lyric "think I'd better follow you around, you might need me more than you think you will." I finally made eye contact. And I saw my heart shaking and sputtering violently, a whirligig in hurricane winds. The rapid combustion was too much and when asked "How can anybody know how they got to be this way," it finally burst, scattering pieces of invisible ventricle and muscle through the air. As the music stopped and I slowly regained consciousness and motion I wondered how he could do it...how can you stand up in front of thousands of people, explode your own heart and somehow pick the pieces out of the jumbled mass of fleshy asteroids created by the explosions of thousands of others and make yourself complete again?

- Josh Cain

200 Million Years Later!!! Please help us help our friends.

Hello all ye' travelers of well being and purveyors of healthy activities. I present you with a quotum, a quandry, and a disturbing fact by which all disturbation is judged. Our dear friends and talented Denver artists, 200 Million Years, were the victims of an unfortunate event last weekend. All of their music gear (samples included) was stolen from their vehicle. Having thrust forward with new songs, valuable stage presence, and a groovy sense of wonder, these guys are well on their way to stardom and were stopped dead in their tracks by a thief. So now it is incumbent upon us to help out our fellow artists and creators of good in this town. I've never seen a band more excited than these guys were to perform last Friday night...and I have never seen a band more devastated after the sudden loss of all their stuff. Please won't you help by downloading their EP from band camp. You name the price! Even if you already have it though, please give a little something. Afterall, they would do the same for you. 

autumn leaves, autumn stays: fuel/friends 2010 mix...listen to it and then live your life proudly.

Our good friend Heather Browne has made an immaculate mix to bring in the new season (artwork by yours truly). Autumn is upon us and its golden tendrils have only just begun to shine. This mix brings about the feelings of warmth associated with this fascinating season. Don't sit back and let another day go by without getting a piece of sweet fuel/friends pie in ya! Make Elton John proud of you for a change, instead of just shamefully shaking his head at you, like he does sometimes. Seriously though, there are some gems here:


Vote for Iuengliss' remix of Gonjasufi for a Warp Records remix competition. Features samples from upcoming Yawn Tron sample kit

Iuengliss just finished a remix for the Gonjasufi / Warp Records remix competition. Please head over here to listen to the song and vote (you don't have to sign up to vote or anything). The remix features a bunch of new drum samples from an upcoming Yawn Tron sample kit which they plan to release soon.


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