"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

HeyReverb Reverb Party hits the news waves with imploding impact!!!>>>


Special Thanks to the Denver Post's Hey Reverb site for supporting. If you haven't checked out their new site yet, please do so as its amazing. Also, you can now RSVP to the SXSW Reverb Event sponsored by Bocumast.com, Vinefield Agency, and The UMS. I cannot guarantee you will win all the prizes, but I can guarantee that you will have an amazing time. If you are going to be near Austin, TX or feel like taking a little trip, come to our party on March 19. Say hello, I'll be the guy in the hat, with the shoes on.

Aenka and Voices of...

Come on out to see this amazing show. For one night you can enjoy the only true freedom in America; free-jazz.! Thrusday, February 24th Aenka will be playing live with Voices Of... and Smart Rats at Yellow Feather. Show starts at 8PM. Donations will be gladly accepted.

The Valentine's Ball - Meadowlark Bar. Saturday Feb 12 2011. 9pm.

If you believe in the magic of love or the disgust of it, you may want to come to Meadowlark on Feb 12. We are throwing a kickass Valentine's Ball. So whether you have a loved one or are a loved one or have nothing going for you at all in your life right now, then come drink izze soda, eat a fucking cupcake and take the piss out with the rest of us, while celebrating the fact that you are or are not celebrating anything at all. Please note that casual to formal attire is required at almost all times. Only $7 to change your life for the better. Who, in America, or the world for that matter, wouldn't take hold of that deal and make love to it with a spoon...?

Questions for fans/america/untroubled youth in the face of conflict and shit...

At a recent 30 seconds to Mars concert I had some questions for the fans.  What was so great about 30 seconds to Mars that would cost $65-$250 to see? Is the band any good? No, the answer is Jared Leto. The dreamy star of my so called life decided to use his fame to create an emo band.  Staying and hearing the music live made me want to submerge my foot into water so long that it became a permanent prune. The video for the kill is an amazing "so-called" piece of shit. Jared Leto takes his beauty and covers it with gothic homoerotic treachery.  There is enough studio magic in the song to make William Hung sound like Leonard Cohen.  If the 40 something year old keeps dressing like an emo, bubble gum weirdo and turning music into a fashion accessory, it might just be the end of Jared Leto...destroying the delicate remaining hairs of difference between valuable pop and utter disgust. He may get eaten by sharks without even attempting to jump one, or perhaps, someone may just attempt to recreate his fight club face.


This video really makes one think...purely mind blowing.....

Comments on the Gamits at Lost Lake Show.

Oh Lost Lake, a wondrous trove of cheap salty beer, greasy hair, and old movies. This set the scene for the aging punk rockers known as the Gamits. The owls got lost on their way, maybe they were distracted by the smell of pineapples and expired coconuts. Instead came a mixture of old fans and drunkin punk rockers.  What was most surprising was the energy.  As I recall at punk shows people get riled up and engage in sweaty bone cracking body mashing.  The men must have all put on their chicken pants and left the moshing to the ladies. The center of the crowd was a beacon of joy and energy, but all around the edges the air was sullen. Was this because the Gamits fans are getting grumpy in their old age, or could it be punk rock really is dead? Are we really seeing the last of the mullets, a dying breed?

Animalpeople, flying heads and a wolf in sheep's clothing.

My buddy The Teej showed me this last night. He does a lot of great artwork with animal/human combinations so he was naturally juiced about the video below for the Ramona Falls (ex-Menomena's Brent Knopf's new outfit) song "I Say Fever." I really enjoy the linear detail of the vintage drawings. The video is directed by Stefan Nadelman. Watch for the stopmotionstrutting hunter around 2:05, followed by an incredible armed duel. The video was done in 2009 following the release of the album "Intuit" on Barsuk Records

Westword knows a good poster when they see one: Gorinto Tonight. Merc.

How do you tell a story? We do it with pictures...then we slap some words on it and hope it makes sense....or not. Thanks Westword for picking up on this factodum. click here to read the full story: http://blogs.westword.com/backbeat/2011/01/gorinto_flier_slaps_some_humor.php

Also, come to the show tonight. Its going to be a riot of fruit flavor. I'm bringin backup battery power.

Laserpalace releases 2011 compilation featuring new tracks from Hideous Men, Iuengliss and many more.

This comp features tracks from VIA, POPDRONE, Night of Joy, Mystic Bummer, phonebooks, Hideous Men, Iuengliss, Jedediah Logsdon, Stoned Boys, greencarpetedstairs, Thundercade, psychic handbook, last eyes and Candescent.

Download here: http://www.laserpalace.com/mixtapes/laser-palace-2011.zip

Fucking epic.

Steal This Track: A Reverb Dance Party

Our homie DJ Savior Breath is throwing an awesome Reverb party for his Steal This Track blog this Thursday night. Find out more here and we hope to see you there cuz this party is gonna be off the hinges!

Plastic Sound Supply compilation featuring new track by Iuengliss.

"As DJ-friendly as it is headphone-friendly, Experimental Dance Breaks 36 is the latest (and only) volume in this landmark series. Featuring the finest EDB tunes from the finest Colorado producers, this compilation is a snapshot of the serious talent in this underrated location. From destructive to meditative, the diversity shines through original combinations of dubstep, idm, glitch hop, breaks, jungle and more." - Plastic Sound Supply. Read more here.

This comp features a brand new song by Iuengliss and you can preview the entire album here. Enjoy!


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