"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

This City Will Crush Us Babe (The Still City Review)

The Still City. Upon discovery I was abruptly grabbed and held up by all my senses. LIke a cool, refreshing breeze over an oil tainted ocean, The Still City are a moment of clarity in a sand storm, a fast approaching light through a fog, a walk through a garden when the turnips are finally ready to pick. The Still City might gain strength from more accordion, but the vocals are near perfection, calm, hypnotic, emotionally deep. Add in lyrical prowess and The Still City concoct a fireworked blend of tension, exploding at moments, otherwise brilliantly subdued like dark clouds slowly circling a skyline transforming into bats in an instant, altering the beauty of the sky and the light of the earth. Harness the power of the album We Will Explain Everything, and you could probably skip a rock from New York to Greenland. These guys are fresh fish with the hooks still in their mouths. They are the answer to most valid questions, including "what to wear tonight." Put on your snazzy red pants (you know the ones with the slightly ripped pocket and the small hole just below the kneecap)....and get to a Still City performance near you...or simply buy this record and listen to it 100 more times.

P.S. The new album is on its way, buy it and enjoy the tubby custard recipe that will be included.

Wire Faces Explore Your Body with a New Release!

Dear Teensters, Tweeners, and PostTeenettes
I am writing you to tell you about a new album that we have available right here on this website...its called "Diamonds & Gold," and its the newest release from a favorite Colorado act called Wire Faces. With this new release, Wire Faces let go of the security blankets and are now visibly able to cross a busy street without holding anyone's hand. Its evident that Wire Faces have embraced a powerfully economical sound all their own and have since changed their majors to stage performance, acing every fucking exam. Upon first listen, one might reach for a beer only to realize that Wire Faces just drank it with the first sounds that burst forth from this glorious release. "Diamonds & Gold" is a panic attack calmed only by another listen. Its a shifty back room at a carnival, a bridge to a new millenium of sound and its the pill you'll take to apease your Colorado music fever. Get WIRE FACED! Get DIAMONDS & GOLD!!!

Iuengliss releases new audio/visual album on Plastic Sound Supply for free.

Iuengliss' Blank Matter is an audio/visual full-length album that explores experimental soundscapes, complex rhythms, chopped breakbeats, moody space melodies, spastic jungle glitchiness and epic 8-bit happiness. Cohesive, but full of surprises, the album demands an intimate listen as it taps into a wealth of vibes and emotions. Everything intricate, everything intended, everything musical, Iuengliss's waves of cinematic sounds and heady production should warm the hearts of beat-freaks and electronica weirdos everywhere. 

Read what AV Club wrote about it here.
And what westword wrote here.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site:
[PSS012] Iuengliss - Blank Matter

The Reverb Day Party: This Saturday at SXSW!!

The Reverb Day Party
Saturday March, 19th @ the Parkside
Austin, TX

Your friendly reminder to join us at the Reverb Day Party: Saturday, March 19th, during the 2011 SXSW festival, in Austin, TX. Kick-off your Saturday morning with us for free brunch, delicious mimosas, and special performances by The Beaten Sea and The Fox & the Bird. Followed by performances from Warm Ghost, Paper Bird, Callers, Woodsman, LexiconDon, Wire Faces, Natural Selection and more. Drink and food specials all day!

FREE day party from 11am-7pm

Upstairs @ Parkside 301 East 6th Street (6th and San Jacinto) 
*Drink and food specials all day! 







1:00   WOODSMAN (CO)
1:30 CALLERS (NYC)   
3:00   BARE BONES (CO)
3:30 PAPER BIRD (CO)  
5:00   WIRE FACES (CO)



Creative Music Works Presents: Turning Live Music On Its Ear 2011

The most talented of jazz musicians get together to play the nicest of jazz musics. You may leave this show feeling as if you've just had an hour long massage. Tickets and dinner packages available at http://creativemusicworks.org/

Port au Prince on Steal This Track.

its a special day in the universe. check out port au prince's new ep right here...or at least one song of it. then you can get the whole thing online right here on this internet webpage. Good luck for you!

The everlasting gobstopper (A Tyondai Braxton review)

Darkness devours my soul just as a sandstorm consumes a desert.  Love has been squandered, all hope has perished. Wait, what’s this I hear? My emotions are suddenly taken and thrown into a whirlwind, mixed and confused together.  It’s as if Tyondai Braxton has read my every thought and made them into a bewitching, utopian dream.  I am propelled through time and space, where everyone is twirling flippantly. Twitterpated hummingbirds zoom past my head in search of sweet necter. I can no longer focus on my despair, all I yearn to do is lick snozberries off the germ encrusted wall.  Furthermore, I crave a tree made of all pineapple haribos gummy bears. I climb a stairway made of soft, vibrant feathers, below me is circus unlike one seen by the naked eye.  Suddenly dogs of all shapes and sizes start doing the polka pant.  I release my grip from the floating stairway and gently soar back through the whirlwind that brought me there. When the song is finished, I remember to breathe.  Moral of the story: Uffe’s woodshop is the cure for insanity... or the cause.


P.S. The rest of the album may cause intoxicating day dreams, or partial blindness, I suggest you buy it.

Gorinto: March 2nd at Mercury Lounge

Gorintō (五輪塔?) ("five-ringed tower") is the name of a Japanese type of Buddhist pagoda believed to have been first adopted by the Shingon andTendai sects during the mid Heian period.[1] It is used for memorial or funerary purposes[2] and is therefore common in Buddhist temples and cemeteries.

Achille Lauro Show

Hey. What are you doing this Saturday night? Oh, you don't have any plans yet. Well, I'm going to this Achille Lauro show. I hear it's a beach party or something. You can go with me, if you want. Bring your friends too!

Bonnie and the Beard: CD Release PARTY!

Our friends, Bonnie & The Beard will be holding their CD Release Party this Friday at 3 Kings Tavern. More info HERE.

The Bad Plus - Never Stop (Review) {please "never stop" recording}

Never Stop explodes into a powerful opener clasping giant barrel rolls decorated with sprays of sprinkled sparkling needles combing into an ocean of sound like wind through the shutters of an open window. This delicious assortment of originals is for the long awaiting fans of Bad Plus originality. Beats simmer in a melting pot of glorious full architecture and round out like rolling pins even when sporatic clammering takes hold. Basslines flutter not far behind, along tiny in-betweens like a young dog teething on a cold metal pipe, getting its tongue stuck only to warm it with its breath and bring it back in its mouth. Lowered black and white notes tackle strong song structure building windowless towers with sandy bottoms, melting organic stacks of science with hot breezes, pulling back the sheets to reveal raw orchestral power, leaving tiny fire rings in the skins of competitive marchers. Never Stop flattens eagles in a wake of hydrolic solutions, developing and curing disease with every note, like the twisted wreckage of a battle barge, furnishing homes for new life. It saturates piles of leftover meats and devours every inch of fat, sifting through bowls of fish eyes for marbles. On stretched "People Like You," you'll find a place to nestle your head and neck, while your body just hangs lifeless and boneless in a large room with no floor. Worth the wait, "2P.M." mixes things up like odd animals crawling upstairs and down, while pubic bones shift galloping around short stables tripping over the ends of magnificent fences and taking every day of the week back. "Super America" offers a glad retreat covered in two-step overtones, but rot with personal attacks, ending a fine meal, powdered with special moments and memorable flavor.

If I were a rewarding god, and I just might be, I'd wake my followers with Bad Plus cereal and send them to bed with Bad Plus tea. I'd take an ad out in every paper offering 10 ways to save the planet and this album would be listed as number 4. I'd make cardboard cutouts of each member and place them on every street corner. I'd make every song into a halloween costume and make halloween ten days long. Most of all, I'd let everyone that listens to it, live longer....but that will probably happen anyway.

-David A Kurtz
---I know this is a little late coming...sorry for the delay...expect more soon. please check back.


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