"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Bocumast imprint...thanks for the nod Westword.

Check out this excellent article from Westword, with a nod to yours truly:

As mentioned in the article above, here is a link to Nonesuch Records as well. Its a really nice site.

now here's a picture of a little girl eating ribs:

The Queen of Denmark Gets Vinyl Appreciation

"The Queen of Denmark" by John Grant (Bella Union)

Almost a year old now, "The Queen of Denmark" still holds a place in my heart, like memories of my grandmothers, tokens for skeeball, and books about dragons. John Grant, remembered as the lead singer of The Czars from Denver, has concocted an honest, low calorie mix of heartache, and soothing joy. With lyrics like "I feel just like Sigourney Weaver when she had to kill all those aliens..." John brilliantly weaves threads of emotion into a humorous palette of precious meats covered in rich caramel. Spaced out reverberance trickles in and out of each warmly produced piece like foreign romance.

"The Queen of Denmark," named best album of the year by Mojo Magazine, is dessert after other voices have been digested. It is a walk along a tightrope with many safety nets below, greased with orange marmalade. The value of each listen is comparable only to the best health care options, tearing down walls and banishing the ghosts behind them. I gather its therapuetic nature is intentional and that's where most of the brilliance lies. "The Queen of Denmark" passes through you like Carol Anne passed through her mother in Poltergeist, then it wears you like a Napolean Dynamite suit, leaving the prom early play video games.

"The Queen of Denmark" comes out on vinyl May 10, 2011. Go get it!

Here is a video:

Ape9 releases new ep "OK, YEAH" with Dirtybird B.

Longtime friend of Bocumast Ape9 is releasing a new ep "OK, YEAH" on May 20th via Stylefree Records with producer Dirtybird B.

This album is definately going to be a local hip-hop favorite of the year. Ape9 delivers some extremely well-worked verses here. Containing lots of positivity and insight. A very textural voice that's easy to listen to and has an elegant flow. It's got some great female hooks and backup vocals as well. And the production is top-notch too. Every track is smooth and soulful and sounds similar to the likes of J-Dilla, The Roots etc.. The songs jump around different styles, covering a lot of ground. OK, YEAH also has 2 remixes from Awkward and Yosef Una that are nice gems to close out the ep. Especially that Yosef Una track.

Check out and download the following track for free. And remember to grab the ep May 20th:

02 N if the Sun Feat. Devon Parker by APE9

Bocumast signs Patrick Lee - New album "Passerine" out June 7th

We are extremely excited to introduce our new signing Patrick Lee. Here is a little something about his new record:

"Passerine, Patrick Lee's first effort with Bocumast Records, is a collection of 30 digital bird songs. Passerine is a spiritual cousin to works by J-Dilla, The Books and Flying Lotus.  Samples, field recordings and hip hop beats blur together to create an album that sonically explores the transition of beings from good to evil and back to good again.  Must humans remain close to the ground, or fly?"

"Passerine" drops June 7th. Stay tuned for more and go check out some of his back catalog at patrickleemusic.com to get an idea of how his jams role. And come see him play this Sunday May 1st at Hi-Dive with Wire Faces, Port Au Prince and Tommy Metz.

Cinco de Mayo is for Lovers...and Music Fans also....

Check out this Cinco de Mayo Blowout!
Malaikat Dan Singa
Positive Visualization
Bongo Fury

Thursday May 5.

Get it done!!!

All the Love in the World


Little Pourbaix gets out! Tour Dates below!!!

Guess what, prickly peers. Tim Pourbaix will be bringing his love your way! Check out tour dates tomorrow...and download his new record!

5/1 Red Hook Bait n Tackle- red hook, brooklyn
5/11 LIC Bar- long island city, queens
5/24 Jon and peter's place- new hop, pa
5/25 tba conneticut
5/26 tba - boston
6/12 spike hill- williamsburg , brooklyn

Fits of White Denim

"Fits" by White Denim

By now, you may have heard of a phenomenon called White Denim...or you may be sitting in a vat of your own filth. Either way, you should listen to "Fits" and take a fucking shower while you do it. I have already showered twice while listening to this record. The record starts out with a growing growl that morphs into a semi-structured "Fit."  Then there are some rock tracks slathered with buttered drum licks and nearly drowned with saturated guitar, amplified by electronic jubilation. Being slightly skilled in the art of drumkit performance, I acknowledge the drummer's lashings as free expulsions through a structured tunnel, a vortex of blitz, a semi conductor of maddening genius. They won't call it a come back, but these guys haven't been here for years...well maybe a couple years.

From Austin, TX, White Denim formed in 2006, the year of the denim dragon if you will. If you won't, these guys might kick you in the face with their steel-toed sound hammers, branding you like the little bitch you feel like after you've completed a White Denim workout. While it seems at times that they might still be trying to steal their sound or harness the power of a single bit of glory, these guys can certainly fabricate a devilish album with hints of angelic pleasures. From bop-isms to panic stricken power rock, this album journeys past several sound islands, stopping to enjoy the open wings of their sultry sirens before they are off to the next port. Recommended.

So, put on your white denim pants and get out to a White Denim show before its too late. We've heard the live show is the best way to see these guys. And they just so happen to be coming to Larimer on June 2, 2011. That is this year! 

There should be a video below for you to enjoy.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh ________ o'death.

"Outside" by O'death. 2011.

Killing without murder, rising phantoms from smoke rings, fresh with silver light trails...O'death is dark, restless, and eerie. Its a comfortable aging dust storm, blank stares from dirt covered children, praying for rain- "Look at the Sun" is their anthem, their tired final recoil for one last strike against their disturbed rest. Friends make waves stand still with tall ladders on "Pushing Out," connecting broken tire swings to their ancient gravel gassed souls. Not as polished, but specifically gleaming out of the thrusting dust clouds, stands "The Lake Departed." Strings paint a backdrop melting by the glow of a lantern. Cask iron mask sculptures fall from the walls of a log cabin, rattling on the floor, gasping to be worn...gasping for another listen, another fall from the wall, existing blind between moments. "Outside" will fill your canoe with canteens, flares, and boxes of matches hiding the smell of blood in the air. It buries your clothes and makes you dig til your knuckles blister and crack. O'death is a welcomed whiskey shot and a rusted pistol after days of starving in the hot desert sun. A must listen.


Josh Cain's fucking birthday May 1st with Wire Faces, Port Au Prince, Tommy Metz and Patrick Lee

Come celebrate Josh Cain's old ass with a birthday party at Hi-Dive on May 1st. Here is the line-up:

Wire Faces
Port Au Prince
Tommy Metz
Patrick Lee

Be sure and get there early to see Patrick Lee, our newest bocumast signing. His shit will blow your mind.

Oh yeah, did I mention Josh is old holy crap!!!

RYAT is coming to Denver. Friday April 8th @ Rhino. I'm so so happy.

Ryat- The Fish That Loved Out of Water from Annapurna Kumar on Vimeo.

If you are unfamiliar with RYAT, we have provided a video above, so now you have no excuse. I had the priviledge of seeing these guys at SX this year and they nearly blew one of my tentacles back into the water. I had to apply extra suction. I also witnessed them a while back at the sweet sweet meadowlark, which was also quality. Please go check them out at Rhino this Friday. Spread your tentacles and fly with RYAT. make love. make RYAT.
-half octopus man

Hunter Dragon is a 3 Part Champion.

With the release of "How the Crow Flows pt.1," Hunter Dragon has undertaken a journey of pinhole proportions. He aims to deliver 2 more parts to the series by year's end. The first installment is beyond basic human compehension....basically if you didn't graduate middle school, then this is not for you...or perhpas you did, but lack the skills and mental capacity of those that have not, then this may not be for you. If you are, however, a high school graduate and above, then you might find this enjoyable creature of an album to be all that the artwork makes it out to be, which is simply magical. You can own this magic beauty of gems by downloading it right here: http://hunterdragon.com/ for FREE!

If you like attending live musical performances, then we have one just for you featuring Hunter Dragon performing songs from this brand new magical release, How the Crow Flows pt 1. Its April 16 @ Rhinoceropolis, a glorious venue in Denver, build just for music like this, and for you. Don't miss this show cause some people might call you a dick...I'm just saying. here is a link to the facebook invite page:

The first 100 people to RSVP WIN a free download of the album available now, right here.


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