"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Hunter Dragon: How the Crow Flows Pt.2

Hunter hits us with his 2nd ep in the three part "How the Crow Flows" series. Preview and Download for free at hunterdragon.com.

Braaaiiinsss (a Naked Ape video review)

Naked Ape shows us we no longer have to fear zombies, in fact, we may have a new workforce on our hands. Think of how much money America could save by paying them in brains. Forget paying Jessica Simpson millions of dollars to wash a car with a burger, we could get the sexy zombie chicks to do it for flesh burgers. On the downside, the car may have to be rewashed after they are done with it, they cannot be held responsible for the chunks of flesh left behind.

The beat alone in “Fashion Freak” will sink it's decaying teeth into you, rip off your flesh and infect you. The lyrics, like slippery sausages, roll around escaping snarling dogs mouths, the more they are encountered, the more drooly and slippery they get. This video will make you want to hide under your covers for a week, or oddly arouse and shame you. Watch out here they come, make them happen.

Hunter Dragon - Don't Grind your Teeth

Hunter will haunt you with his magic. Check out his live performance here.

and here

and here

Lui Ferreyra fundraiser art sale

Lui Ferreyra, an incredible Denver based cubist painter and electronic music producer, is having an art sale to help pay for his fathers medical expenses after suffering a stroke. All the works are 40-70% off and there are lots of different peices for every budget. This guy is truly one of the most talented artists in town and now would be the time to get some work from him cuz it goes to help his father!

Here is the art sale page: http://www.luiferreyra.com/art_sale.html

And here is another amazing piece to get you excited:

Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Bear. (tomboy review)

"Tomboy" by Panda Bear

A long wait in a high school hallway for a surprise from a special someone, or a disestablishment professional. Panda Bear bares more than breathes of auditorium echos into caverns of light, he gouges out homes for wildlife, and builds portals to ancient library systems. Don't excuse yourself from this dinner table until you've ingested this infectious sound balloon.  Panda Bear is a lamprey swimming through clouds of bite-size cotton candy. He's a guiding light on a train to somewhere else. Followed by many passengers, breeders starving for attention. This album will guide your lips to the nearest lullaby and smack you with a pillow when you get there. It will turn your stripes socks white and your leather into cordouroy. It will grow on you like one of those furry cactuses under the sun. Warning: do not listen to this while walking or running, you may be hit by a bus, fall off a cliff, or wander into forbidden places. Please don't tell on me for telling you these things. I just report my listens.


4 songs from Patrick Lee's "Passerine" LP. Album drops June 7th.

Just a little tease for Patrick's album coming out in two weeks:

American Redstart:

Northern Water-Thrush:

Blue Jay:

Black-Billed Cuckoo:

Iuengliss "Blank Matter" release party June 3rd @ Rhinoceropolis

Iuengliss (a/v set)
Cacheflowe (a/v set)
Hideous Men
DJ Gorinto

Also, check out this review by XL8R Magazine of the album: http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2011/05/physics

The Reverb Party Hangover Party. Check out this super sweeet line-up. Your friends are gonna be so jealous.

The Reverb Party Hangover Party - Saturday June 4 @ 4.
Meadowlark Bar. Denver, CO
4 - iPod Insanity and BBQ awesomeness!
5 - Holophrase
6 - Jon Wirtz
7 - Mercuria & The Gem Stars
8 - Patrick Lee

9 - 200 Million Years
10 - Force Publique
11 - Married in Berdichev
12 - DJ Tyler Snow

Sponsored by Glider Cider. Yes, that means free cider, bitches. Come and get some!!!

Also, we are gonna re-write the Magna Carta, dive into pools of banana pudding, and set birds on fire. Also, PRIZES!!!

only 7 motherfuckingdollars.

Don't miss iPod Insanity at 4p. They are amazing!

---captain antilles.

Marc Ribot!!!!! Oriental Theater. May 19. Don't miss this show!!!

Hello fine people of our internetted subculture.

If you are a Denver resident or fancy a visit this month, then I wish to tell you about an amazing opportunity involving one badass guitar player.

Marc Ribot
Oriental Theater
Thursday May 19th

feat. Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor
Tickets available:

---also, you might know who made the poster...teehee.

Rainbow Arabia has the keys to your house. Review.

"Boys and Diamonds" by Rainbow Arabia.

So you say, you may have lost the keys to your house? Well, maybe you just misplaced them. Did you check your pockets?...or they may have fallen somewhere by your car. Or it could be possible that Rainbow Arabia has them, cause they just released a badass concoction of musical notes splade out like a college student on Saturday. Okay, whether they have your keys or not is a private matter and you will have to discuss that with them the next time they venture this way. Truth be told, Rainbow Arabia has been busy. Meeting them a year and a month ago and witnessing their live show at SXSW 2010, it was hard not to fall in love with their DIY nature, the original sound, and their on-stage charm. But they still seemed to be struggling a bit, pushing through the vents of SX's mediocre macabe, drained in energy and left beating themselves dry with old paper towels. So imagine my surprise, when I came across a new gem at the record store the other day. Yes, new full on vinyl release with attached free cd. I had to have it.

"Boys and Diamonds" has not left my player since. This album grows on you like Wes Anderson film. It merges with your skin, transforming you into a walking hormonal sound tank. Dance driven, boob shaken, Arabic influenced polyrhythmic beats are pressed hard against a wall, by reverberated vocal chants and sultry cosmic pounds of flesh. Each song is a patient in the waiting room and when the doctor is available he takes his time to examine every facet of it. "Boys and Diamonds" is a wallop with a stack of wet naps. Its a gold covered candy bar, a jewel encrusted donut. It jumps out of the bushes in a studded skeleton bikini and its not even Halloween yet. Rainbow Arabia have taken it to a level far beyond their first efforts and have done so proudly and professionally. Play this with caution: do not stand too close to this album, your body may move uncontrollably in ways you never thought possible. Get it on vinyl for a full, rich sound experience.

Here are some samplings.


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