"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

The Still City's last show this Saturday + New EP.

It's both a sad and happy weekend in the Denver music scene. The Still City, a bocumast favorite, is calling it quits. That's really sad. But there is some good news to come with it. Lead singer Brian Knab is moving to Austin to get a Ph.D. Austin is the fucking bomb. And Ph.D's are rad. So those are some good things. But they also have a new EP for us to remember them by. Listen to samples of it here and you can get it at their last fucking show ever this saturday at Hi-Dive. More info here.

Anyways, we're really gonna miss these guys. They are all terrific musicians and terrific people. And who knows, maybe when Brian comes to visit, which he fucking better, they'll play a show for shits and giggles. Goodbye The Still City.

Rilla Creative Launch Party - Friday August 5 (7pm-midnight)

Hello Denver Art Viewers, Music Listeners, and Small Businesses....and really anyone else that wants to join in the fun.

Bocumast is presenting The Rilla Creative Launch Party & Art Show!

Friday, August 5th
7pm - midnight

137 W. 10th Ave. 
Denver, CO 80204

Artwork provided by:
Andrew Warner, David Kurtz, Jeane Warner, Joseph Findeiss, Corey Elbin, Brittany Gould, Katherine Rutter, Tallie Dietz, Erin Callaio, & David Mead

Music provided by: 
Bocumast Records & DJ Gorinto
{midnight jazz jam hosted by Aenka - bring an instrument if you would like to join in}

Rilla Creative is a new design company started by Thomas Metz and David Kurtz, specializing in professional design solutions in print & web.

Craft Hard (Glider Cider) Cider provided by Colorado Cider Company.

Tommy Metz "Frontier" LP: Revised & re-mastered re-release of "The Blossom Frontier".

Tommy Metz revised and re-mastered his album "The Blossom Frontier" from 2010. Renamed "Frontier" and with new artwork and a new site, preview and download it at tommymetz.com!!

Bocumast & Friends @ UMS 2011. Come celebrate the year of the Rabbit and get ear fucked by some great music!

These are the bands to see at this year's UMS. Don't get too fucked up too early because you might miss something, but then again, you might catch something surprising so drink yourself silly, but drink responsibly of course. Take cabs between the venues and don't talk to strangers, unless one of those strangers is us (or really good looking), in which case we will acknowledge your existence and pretend to care about what you have to say:

the Vicious Women - Club 404, 7pm
Fierce Bad Rabbit  - Skylark Lounge, 9pm
Hot White - Club 404, 9pm
*Wire Faces - Hi-Dive, 10pm

Peace Officer - TS Board Shop, 6pm
*Fierce Bad Rabbit - Hi-Dive, 7pm
Joe Sampson - Ironwood Collection, 8:30pm
*Patrick Lee - Delite, 9pm
Joshua Novak - Skylark Lounge, 10pm
DJ Savior Breath (reverb) - Sputnik, 11pm
*Tim Pourbaix - Michelangelo's Coffee & Wine Bar, 11pm
*Tommy Metz (Iuengliss) - Delite, 11pm
Chella Negro - Hornet, 11:55pm
Achille Lauro - Skylark Lounge, 11:55pm
Mancub - Delite, 11:55

Pina Chulada - Illiterate Gallery, 3:30pm
the Still City - Moe's Original Bar B Que, 4pm
King Mob - Illiterate Gallery, 4:30
*Port Au Prince - 3 Kings Tavern, 5pm
Fairchildren - South Broadway Christian Church, 5pm
Holophrase - Club 404, 5pm
Bare Bones - 3 Kings Tavern, 6pm
Pink Hawks - Indy Ink, 6pm
*Tim Pourbaix - Ironwood Collection, 6:30
Ian Cooke - South Broadway Christian Church, 7pm
Littles Paia - Ironwood Collection, 7:30
Vitamins - Club 404, 8:00
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake - Goodwill Parking Lot, 9pm
Mike Marchant's Outer-Space Party Unit - Club 404, 10pm
Bad Weather California - Hi-Dive, 10pm
Land Lines - Mayan Theatre, 11:30pm
Houses - 3 Kings Tavern, 11:55pm
Force Publique - Hi-Dive, 11:55pm
A. Tom Collins - Mayan Theatre, 1am

*Aenka - Delite, 3pm
Night of Joy - Club 404, 3pm
*Jon Wirtz & the Debut - South Broadway Christian Church, 4pm
Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - Delite, 4pm
200 Million Years - Hi-Dive, 4pm
Bonnie and the Beard - Irish Rover, 4pm
*The Bottesini Project - South Broadway Christian Church, 5pm
*Married in Berdichev - Delite, 5pm
Constellations - Hi-Dive, 5pm
Panal SA de CV - Hi-Dive, 6pm
*Hunter Dragon - Michelangelo's Coffee & Wine Bar, 7pm
*Tender Glances - Illiterate Gallery, 7:30
Fairchildren - Goodwill Parking Lot, 7:30
Wentworth Kersey - Delite, 9pm
Flashlights - Club 404, 9pm
Hearts in Space - Hi-Dive, 9pm
Fingers of the Sun - Skylark Lounge, 9pm
Ian Cooke Band - Goodwill Parking Lot, 9:15pm
Candy Claws - Delite, 10pm
Cannons - 3 Kings Tavern, 10:30pm
Il Cattivo - 3 Kings Tavern, 11pm

*bocumast artists

--I apologize in advance to anyone we forgot. please don't let that deter your feelings toward us. We are actually very nice people once you get to know us.

Patrick Lee Release Party @ Meadowlark Thursday!

Pleaes come to the Patrick Lee Album Release Party on Thursday...if you know what's good for you. I'll be there and some other important people and a whole bunch of nonimportant people, so either way, you'll fit right in.

Patrick Lee
Tommy Metz (iuengliss
Human Agency
DJ This That & The Other

Meadowlark Bar.
Thursday, July 14th.

Patrick's new album available right here.

to Cy:

The recent passing of Cy Twombly has prompted me to write this. While we focus on music and mostly the music we create, I'd like to take a moment and bring to light some of the brilliance of Cy. His work fullfilled art world empties. It was a gathering of ideas, a laugh, a cry, and a poke. It was brilliant, crass, delightful, and proposterous. The work of Cy Twombly has not only inspired me in my own life as an artist, but my life as a musician. I will continue to find joy in his work, especially the most simplistic pieces, which is where I felt he excelled.

I remember my first visit to the MoMA (I saw two of the pieces featured below). Cy had two large rooms to himself. In one room were the giant chalkboard-like paintings...obvious and powerful upon first glance. Then after a while they become more constrictive, leaving the viewer gazing back upon their memories...of childhood, or more recent experiences, clashes with culture, understanding, or ambivalence. Each piece somewhat improvisational, like free jazz on a canvas. I was enthralled and beyond inspired. I will forever be. Thanks Cy!

--click on an image to read more.
---you will be missed, Cy Twombly.

Hi Dive Hullabaloo

rsvp to the HI Dive Hullabaloo and you might be registered to win a new Casio Wrist Watch (like the one seen in the movie)

Friday July 1st & Saturday July 2nd

Two nights of Garage, Punk and Rock & Roll music
Presented By: Wax Trax, Radio 1190's Local Shakedown, ZetaKaye House, Cau$e Medic Ink, Illegal Pete's & Bocumast

8:00 The Down
8:45 School Knights
9:30 Night of Joy
10:15 Warhawk
11:00 Glass Hits
11:45 Zebroids

7:00 Bleached Blonde
7:45 The Manxx
8:30 The Conjugal Visits
9:15 The Vicious Women
10:00 The Omens
11:00 Buckingham Squares
12:00 The Bloody Fives

Slothpop in the T: A show review!

To some of those miscellaneous do-gooders
Last week I visited a far off land called Tulsa, OK. The sounds and visions enjoyed by my ears there are rarely perculiar, but this time I was more attentive. I took myself out for the evening along with some family and new friends. We played cop watching games, marco pollo, and spotted hundreds of sex hungry brain clouds out on the town. Then we ventured into the Sound Pony. A slightly pretentious, well-intentioned establishment with live music nearly every night of the week. My ears perked as sounds surrounded them briefly by a group that goes by Slothpop. Not the best name, but certainly memorable as was their performance.

Beats dripped down from the ceiling creating melted cages around each listener. The voices popped bubbles growing off mossy guitar synth rock. Simplistic song structure taking unexpected turns. Slothpop is female lead vocals driving a talented group of musicians. Many in the crowd took pause to hear them out when nothing else in their evening struck their fragile minds. My pleasantries divided upon the night and I was forced to flee, but in the moments I saw them, I was overjoyed to witness this in my homeland, where my family live, where the buffalo roam, and where the sloths pop.

Slothpop is performing at Moe's BBQ in Denver on July 7 & The Laughing Goat in Boulder on July 8.

Get their newest LP if you dare to treat yourself with respect.


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Tommy Metz (iuengliss) live @ This Ain't No Cowtown, Vol 1 (A Colorado Comp) Residency at Lost Lake

Come down to Lost Lake this Thursday night to celebrate the "This Ain't No Cowtown, Vol 1" compilation featuring tons of amazing colorado artists. And pay what you want for the comp here: http://thisaintnocowtown.bandcamp.com/album/this-aint-no-cowtown-vol-1-music/


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