"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Smile Pinki


Check out this new movie site developed by Bocumast, designed by Crank Design. Help spread the word about the film by visiting: www.SmilePinki.com for screening time/dates.

NASA Kepler on Twitter. Will Follow.

This is just so cool. I had to share it.

You can get updates about Kepler, NASA's new satellite that will look for new planets, on Twitter:
and get updates directly from NASA here:

I can't wait to hear about the Kepler finds. Also check out some of the following links from NASA's twitter page and you can follow their Mars missions, Hubble and so much more. Happy planet hunting. Enjoy!


Thats so Raven

Thats so Raven

my hero is more or less this guy: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/31/magazine/31Galifianakis-t.html

Park Pourbaix's "Songs For Short Stories" Out Now on BOCUMAST.

parkpourbaix We've talked it over and decided that this album is "tell-your-friends-and-family good." So tell your friends and family that the newest release from Park Poubaix is now available HERE. Have you ever felt the sense of laughter without laughing? Have you ever felt full without eating? Have you ever felt like flying while standing still? Park Pourbaix fills a void without conventional band elements. The harmonics, mix, and melodies are casually brilliant. Park Pourbaix is Ellison Park and Tim Pourbaix. Don't you ever forget that. Samples of each track available for streaming HERE.

Tim Pourbaix's "My Lover's Lover" out today as BOCUMAST EXCLUSIVE.

loverslover_v2 When asked "What does Tim Pourbaix have?" I simply reply "Tim Pourbaix has IT," with a wink and a nod. Then I am on my way. Similar to Pourbaix's approach to music. Its simple, yet profound. I'm not going to go into a full blown cd review here. In fact this is a proud announcement! Tim Pourbaix's "My Lover's Lover" comes out today Friday May 29th on Bocumast Records. Please purchase Tim's newest release "My Lover's Lover" for a limited time only at BOCUMAST RECORDS MUSIC STORE You can sample each track before purchase or after purchase. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Here is a related Westword article: http://www.westword.com/2009-05-28/music/tim-pourbaix-takes-a-step-back-from-his-music-to-move-forward-in-life and another: http://blogs.westword.com/backbeat/2009/05/an_extended_conversation_with.php

MUST SEE: Basshaters (membs of Ettrick+) aenka + more @ Rhinoceropolis.

[caption id="attachment_55" align="alignnone" width="247" caption="this is what little girls are made of..."]this is what little girls are made of...[/caption]

Forget Religion. This show will provides you with at least 5 new deities to worship...and all their phone numbers.
Again, here is the information:
Basshaters (members of Ettrick...)
The Peninsula Project
The Carnivores
Take Up Serpents
at Rhinoceropolis
Monday June 1, 2009
9pm show time.
Thanks Dad!

More than Peached the Eye. (A Bocumast Concert Review)


Peaches. Gothic Theatre. Denver, CO. May 25, 2009. A Bocumast Concert Review. Wax covered reluctance, sultry begs and delightful purrrrrs. Fulfilled panicked dreams, buttered with cake icing and delicate maneuvers. Many Denver's odds and ends approached a maniacal steamy soulstress in a fortunate manner in the early hour of last night's divine Gothic residence. Passing a couple Guiness through an unrested system and gaining pleasant upper level seating arrangements, the off was set to motions and the early sounds of "When I think about you I touch myself" vocalized by choir-esque intrinsic professionals. The power grew as lights rose from their brief slumber. Three shapes formed figures in complete cover, shimmering slightly in the birthing brightness. Beginning in the shadows, a glimpse of a fairy tale's destruction, the bathing light reveals a bulbous pink orb over domineering outer coverings, distressed leather. An evil gasp of power rushed through the hair of those without hats. Each note noteworthy, different, cumbersome, but luxurious, wearing too much good perfume. Lewd nuptialistic lines forced through cracks of vaginal lining, paved way for simplistic, yet complicated electro drum slashings. Amazed, dazed, troubled, fortunate witnesses caved, swayed, played, and even disrobed for their confident daring queen and balconic ballerina. Stunts aside, imagery on high, costumed guests and eye-witnesses danced as if bathing in their partners melting membrane or some kind of altruistic vintage waterfall, blasted back to 1987 with a tall green laser capable of distorting sound or a neon light stick creating its own forceful audio concoctions. Ritual references must have summoned a hundred demonic forces, a few glam ghosts, half a dozen pixelated pixies, and a unicorn. A momentary meltdown shot out two axes in a dueling solo face-off bringing hendrix to the backyard. Shy of one hundred percent satisfaction due to number choice alone, the Peaches ensemble presented brilliant displays of light, desperation, power, love, sex, and sunburn inspiring creatives and lashing those not so much...until their genitals were rubbed raw to the point of bleeding simply from being there. See Peaches.

Peaches Gothic Theatre Balcony

Top 10 ways to get to the Hi Dive Saturday Night.

Top 10 ways to arrive at the Hi Dive for Saturday Night's Huge Event: 1. walk (great excercise and a lovely way to enjoy the weather). 2. ride a bike (bicycles are just plain awesome. if you don't own your own, borrow from a friend or neighbor). 3. take the bus (you may just meet a new friend). 4. taxi cab (you may discover a new scent). 5. jumprope (I know it seems silly, but its actually possible to jump rope to somewhere...I've done it several times...just leave really early if you are going to attempt this one) 6. crawl (this one is not highly recommended, but if you are at the point where you can no longer stand because of drinking or exhaustion perhaps, than maybe this is the only way that will work for you). 7. backflip (I mostly just threw this one in there for the acrobats) 8. rollerskate/blade (I know its a dying fad, but roller skates are still considered cool in certain circles). 9. drive a car (if you have a driver's license and have been consuming well within the legal limits, then by all means drive, otherwise please see suggestions 1-8 or 10). 10. if you still can't find a ride, contact us and we'll send a car for you! Totally serious (as long as you don't live too far away). bocumast@bocumast.comlet us put our music inside you once again.


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