"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Denver Post Posts about Madness in Austin

Some valuable words about the upcoming happenings this week by Ricardo Baca:
Denver's music scene making a splash at SXSW

"A city's music movement doesn't arrive on the national scene drop by drop. When it happens, and that is rare and remembered, it comes with a big splash.

In that way, Colorado's independent musicians are doing a cannonball into this year's South by Southwest music festival, which starts in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday."

Read more: http://www.denverpost.com/entertainmentlastold/ci_14676274#ixzz0iECtfQPu

You are invited to a Bottesini Live recording Session!

Saturday March 27 Come help Bottesini make their next record. They will be recording their next album in front of a LIVE studio AUDIENCE just like Sanford and Sons!!!! For those of you that were at the CD release party for Naima's Grass Pajamas, you are well aware of the amazingness of Notably Fine Audio Recording Studio and Venue. Come help us make this the most energetic Bottesini record yet.... You will help determine the outcome. How cool is that? Paul Riola: Saxophones Glen Whitehead: Trumpet Glenn Taylor: Pedal Steel Doug Anderson: Bass Jay Ellis: Drums $10 Cover 8 PM @ NFA 2949 Larimer Street Denver, CO 80205 you can RSVP HERE.

Cougar Legs w/Nightshark, Green Typewriters, Milton Melvin Croissant III to play to Freaks at Meadowlark Bar.

OMG. This is happening on Friday February 26 2010: Check out this amazing atypical musical show of music: Come get your Nightshark on with lots of musical love from Cougar Legs, Green Typewriters and Milton Melvin Croissant III. Meadowlark Bar. 2701 Larimer St. (Denver Colorado USA) The performance portion of this show will start at 9pm mountain standard time. here is the invite page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=308557218663 Please come invite yourselves. WARNING: These musical acts can smell blood from a block away. Menstruating women and people with open wounds are advised to use extra caution.

Bocumast to Head to SXSW.

You may have heard. You may have not heard. Either way, the rumor is TRUE. Bocumast is heading to SXSW 2010. We will be showcasing some of our top artists from Bocumast Records and promoting our new website. No. Not this one, silly goose. Soon we will be unveiling a new site rich with information, joy and splendor. You won't be able to take your eyes off of its glory. For more information on the Bocumast SXSW and to find out how your business can become a sponsor visit: http://www.bocumast.com/sxsw

Daedelus: an intraview

WE can't be more pleased to have scored an interview with Daedelus. While I would describe him and his masterful techniques myself, I think this bit of pressy goodness, does it up quite nicely: Daedelus, the Victorian-clad electronic maestro who has released with labels like Ninja Tune, Mush, Plug Research, Friends of Friends, Alpha Pup, and many more with one lined up for Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder AND beginning his own Magical Properties label in 2010. Performing with his infamous Monome(unique electronic trigger), electronic music is rarely as invigerating and exciting, so don't miss out! The interview is below this foto:

Bocumast: If you could have dinner with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be? and perhaps where? Daedelus: My wife, Laura Darlington, at one of Los Angeles awesome eateries, because I miss her and tour perhaps a wee bit too much. Bocumast: If you could collaborate with one electronic artist, who? Daedelus: I've been lucky thus far in good collabs, I am feeling the work of Zomby, but hear he is a difficult person to get a hold of. Let's just say Raymond Scott (who's dead, but you asked, how insensitive!) Bocumast: What goes into a live performance? Daedelus: From my recent gigs apparently it is sweat. The kind of riled up headnod bass heavy tempo perspiration that tends to soak through nice clothes. Oh and electronics are my friend. Bocumast: Please elaborate on the LA electronic scene. Any up and comers you are excited about? Daedelus: I could list half of the cities scene that I am excited about, so much goodness from all upstarts, but let's just say Samiyam, Teebs, Baths, Jogger, and Matthew David. 5 to look out for, and hordes more on the way... Bocumast: Frozen soup or melted ice cream? Daedelus: Ha, one of my favorite meals all time was in a Parisian restaurant where I had Tomato Gazpacho (cold soup) with a scoop of Pistachio ice cream in the middle. Delicious. Bocumast: Website you frequent the most? Daedelus: No joke, Cuteoverload.com I like cats! Bocumast: 7. You're at a party with Steven Tyler, Alec Baldwin, and Cher. Steven and Alec start to get into a tussle. You: a. take their keys because they have clearly had enough to drink b. ask Cher to make waffles with you in the kitchen. c. put down the wii remote and slowly back away....back away. d. all of the above. Daedelus: Alec Baldwin gets the pass because of his excellent 30 Rock work, the rest, well let's just say Steven and Cher aren't high on the get out of jail free list for their past crimes against humanity. So E. Ninja powder Alec out of there and let the others disappear into the ether from which they came. Bocumast: 8. You receive a life sized jello-mold version of yourself for your birthday. You: a. have it bronzed. b. invite 27 of your closest friends over to help you enjoy it c. take a bath with it d. donate it to Haiti earthquake relief. Daedelus: Now you are being just silly. That amount of cow hooves is disgusting. Bocumast: Finish this sentence: In the future______________________________. Daedelus: it'll be so bright that sunglasses will be forced to wear shades. Bocumast: Something you collect? Daedelus: I have voracious appetites for all kind of ephemera, vinyl, Victorian clothes, and musical instruments. But mostly it's good people, they are hard to find, but everyone a treasure beyond monetary measure. Bocumast: Thank You, Daedelus. Good luck with the tour! Speaking of Tour, here are the dates: Thursday Feb 4th - Space 120 - Palm Springs, California Friday Feb 5th - Echoplex - Los Angeles, California* Saturday Feb 6th - Mighty - San Francisco, California* Sunday Feb 7th - Jambalaya - Arcata, California Monday Feb 8th - Rotture - Portland, Oregon* Tuesday Feb 9th - Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver, British Columbia Wednesday Feb 10th - Neumos - Seattle, Washington Friday Feb 12th - Hodi's Half Note - Fort Collins, Colorado Saturday Feb 13th - Gothic Theater - Englewood, Colorado Sunday Feb 14th - Mad Planet - Milwaukee, Wisconson Monday - Feb 15th - Majestic Theater - Madison, Wisconsin Tuesday - Feb 16th - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, Illinois* Wednesday - Feb 17th - Grog Shop - Cleveland, Ohio* Thursday - Feb 18th - Wrong Bar - Toronto, Ontario Friday - Feb 19th - Le Belmont - Montreal, Quebec Saturday - Feb 20th - Le Poisson Rouge - New York, New York* Monday - Feb 22st - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania* Tuesday - Feb 23rd - Bourbon Street - Baltimore, Maryland Wednesday - Feb 24th - Xscape Lounge - Richmond, Virginia Thursday - Feb 25th - Club R2 - Charlottesville, Virginia Friday - Feb 26th - Club 828 - Asheville, North Carolina Saturday Feb 27th -New Earth Music Hall - ATHENS, GA To Colorado individuals, please be aware there are two events (highlighted above). Also performing are Jogger and Nosaj Thing. Don't miss out, or you're friends might make fun of you.

Hideous Men Westy blurp

The Marvelous Tom Murphy tells us one of the best parts about this Friday night: "The burbling expansiveness at the heart of this band's soundscaping probably gives the impression that the music is all whimsical playfulness and wandering noise-collage melodies. With Ryan McRyhew of BDRMPPL as one of the minds behind the project, it could be enjoyed for the beauty of the songs, but with him and his equally crafty and clever wife, Kristi, involved, there was bound to be something a little different about Hideous Men (due on Friday, February 5, at Rhinoceropolis)...." click here to read on

Laserpalace Release makes Flier of the Week.

Cory Casciato writes about this weekend's major event: Laserpalace Tape Release Party this Friday Night @ Rhinoceropolis. Not to be missed.

"...It's for a release party for Bocumast Records new sister label Laser Palace, and features a fine array of whacko experimental bands. From what we know of these bands, the design fits them well -- weird, deep and more than meets the eye, and all put together with a deceptive amount of skill and care. Good stuff. " read on

Ever Wonder What's on Bowie's iPod?

Ever Wonder What's on Bowie's iPod?

From Amadou & Mariam to Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Lorraine Ellison to Steve Reich, David Bowie's got an eclectic mix on his ipod (thus far). If this is something you have always been wondering about, like myself, then check out the link below:


"Spirits Rejoice" may just be BEST RADIO SHOW EVER!

"Spirits Rejoice" may just be BEST RADIO SHOW EVER!

The highlight of my week is Sunday, 6pm Mountain Time. This is when a show called "Spirits Rejoice" takes flight to the airwaves via Radio1190.org (1190 AM Denver/Boulder radio). I'd like to explain the brilliance behind this show, but its tough. I'll start by pointing out that Charles and David (the two hosts) have a breadth of knowledge and brilliance that is seemingly infinite. The show focuses on the emotional, the avant garde, the experimental, and the improvisational sensationalism that is the ROOT of all music. That's right, every little piece of music you love, no matter how brilliant, or dull it might be, is a product of improvisation or experimentation. There are many artists who have devoted their lives and talents to exploring the realm of the unknown, experimenting with sound, inventing new ways to perform, instruct, live and breathe music. They enhance our knowledge of music adding value to the experience of any musical piece, performance or recording. The experiences are now more tangible than ever. I encourage all of you to embrace these artists, especially if you claim to be an artist yourself. Embrace them, listen, and fill your head with new ideas and approaches toward life, music, and pure happiness. Tune in every Sunday: 6pm-8pm here: http://www.radio1190.org/ This Sunday, Spirits Rejoice will feature a live set from Fight Spider with Spider, a beautiful experimental jazz act from Denver Colorado.

Jazz in the Space Age: Music in the 4th Dimension

Saturday February 13th 8pm-11pm Fine ARts Center in Colorado Springs 30 W Dale, Colorado Springs CO. Paul Riola: Saxophones Glen Whitehead: Trumpet Dave Devine: Guitar Kent McLagan: Bass Scott Amendola: drums Jazz In The Space Age Music In The Fourth Dimension As part of the Fine Arts Center's NASA | ART 50 Years of Exploration Series

Magical Properties coming to Hodi's Half Note+++

Magical Properties Tour Feb. 12 in Ft Collins CO @ Hodi's Half Note Feb. 13 in Englewood CO @ the Gothic Theater It's a mega line up of some of LA's most exciting and critically producers such as Daedelus, Nosaj Thing, and Jogger. Magical Properties is also the name of Daedelus' new record label as well, who recently released the acclaim full length from Jogger. If you haven't heard it yet, you can check out the Nosaj Thing remix of The XX here: http://stereogum.com/archives/mp3/nosaj_thing_remixes_the_xx_107211.html


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