"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Aenka CD Release Party & Tour Kickoff @ Dazzle Jazz Lounge w/Becca Mhalek!

That's right! You read it correctly. With shows like Bill Frissel, Speak, Thomaz Stanko, and an upcoming Nels Cline Singers show, Dazzle seems to be changing its ways a little bit...at least opening up to new possibilities and perhaps, younger, more hip concert goers...although this is an opinion that is my own. So in the tradition of the aforementioned performances, Dazzle has invited Aenka to perform on Thursday April 29th. Aenka, looking for an opportunity to have a CD Release & Tour Kickoff decided that it would be so. The best part is that Becca Mhalek (Nels Cline, Nightshark, Wilco, Ron Miles, etc), who helped start the band back in the day, will be joining them on this fine occasion all the way from Chicago. So please, if you have plans, cancel them and come to Dazzle tomorrow night. The shrimp cocktail is amazing.

Here are full details: Aenka CD Release Party feat. Becca Mhalek Dazzle Jazz Lounge 930 Lincoln St. Denver, CO Thursday, April 29 10p - 1a CDs available for half price (only $5). quantity limited. This is our chance to affect the future of Dazzle, to show them that there is quality jazz oriented music that can affect the lives of everyone. So please come, for the future of Dazzle, for the Denver music scene, for America....for the world!

Wire Faces CD Release + Poster.

Hello Calm People and People that might not be that calm, but are sitting down to read this fabulous blog post. Here is some information in easy to understand format: Wire Faces CD Release w/ Achille Lauro Astrophagus Milton Melvin Croissant III Meadowlark Bar. If you are in Denver, CO on May 7th and are over 21 years of age...when the clock strikes 8 o'clock pm, they will let you inside where you can drink and enjoy yourself. THIS IS AN OUTSIDE SHOW< BITCHES!

Hunter Dragon WestWord Feature. Read it. Learn it. Love it.

//"From romance and politics to UFOs and God, songwriters cite all kinds of inspiration for their music. Hunter Dragon, though, brings a far more fundamental influence to bear on his quirky, head-scrambling new album, Weight & Measure. "I was settling down for the first time in a long while," he says. "I had a job and a place to live. I had food on my table......READ ON HERE.""// -Jason Heller. We are proud to announce that our little baby boy, Hunter Dragon, is now the proud father of a beautiful, fruitful musical release almost unearthly when compared to recent albums. Please visit with Hunter at his CD Release show on April 20th, 2010, give him some love from your wallet and get one of this glorious discs for your computer, player, or gas taker.

Flier of the week! | Westword Highlights some of our Handy Work.

"Our top flier this week is the work of the folks at Bocumast, the record label/design house that's home to Astrophagus, Cougar Legs, Iuengliss and many other fine acts. Its intriguing use of color and collage caught our eye right away.....read on here." -Cory Casciato As the designer of this poster, I'd like to thank my mother and father for always pushing me explore my creative side, while telling me I would never make money at it. They were right on all 3 accounts. I'd also like to thank E.T. the movie, social networking sites (for all the inspiration). Knowing that so many people have feelings, thoughts, and lives that are so unbelievably dull has inspired me to be the difference or at least attempt to entertain or enlighten, if anything. I'd like to thank Epson for their scanning technology. And lastly, I'd like to thank Hunter Dragon for thinking outside the box with a grand album of beautiful prolifictionness.

Hideous Men w/Power Animal, 5, Chaperone...@BlastOMat.

Looking for something to do on April 15th? Why not go see these bands: Power Animal Hideous Men Five Chaperone At this place: Blast-O-Mat With this address: 2935 W. 7th ave denver, co. myspace here

Hunter Dragon's New Album "Weight & Measure" and Release Show

We are very excited and happy to announce Hunter Dragon's new monster of an album "Weight & Measure": Hunter Dragon - Weight And Measure

Weight and Measure, Hunter Dragon's third release for Bocumast Records, is the result of a love affair with an instrument. Hunter found his beloved Fender Rhodes MKI in an abandoned church balcony, took it home to his haunted basement, and began channelling music through it. The result was "Weight and Measure"; at once playful, colorful, dark and imaginative, the album meshes the ambient, textural realm of noise music with the songcraft of folk and pop. Weight & Measure will be available next Tuesday the 20th via digital download outlets and limited handmade physical copies. We are also celebrating his new album with a show that night.

Hunter Dragon

Hi Dive 4/20, 7pm, 18+ Line-up: Hunter Dragon Pictureplane Astrophagus Tommy Metz Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106729916028962&ref=ts Hunters Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hunterdragon

D Numbers Release "ONDA" in Denver this Friday Night.

Our homies D Numbers release their new album "ONDA" in Denver this Friday night @ Theory+Practice. We've been listening to this album like crazy since it has been finished and we were given the chance to design the album artwork which we are very stoked about! "The culmination of eight years of collaboration, Onda represents the group’s most ambitious work to date. The album melds the bands varied tastes into colorful, spacious soundscapes reflective of the band’s love for each other, their fans, and the liberating vacuum of the Southwest."

D Numbers Master Clock Drop Logic @ Theory+Practice (738 Santa Fe) $10, 21+, 9pm More show info @ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106191512749966 Visit their website @ www.dnumbers.com

Hideous Men, Iuengliss, Ryat and Soul Fresh @ Meadowlark Bar this Thursday.

Hideous Men & Iuengliss @ Meadowlark

Hideous Men, Iuengliss, Soul Fresh and Ryat @ Meadowlark Bar this Thursday night. Tour-Kickoff pre-party for Hideous Men. Officially kick their tour off on Saturday @ Rhinoceropolis.

Joshua Trinidad discovers he's on a Bocu-Button @ SxSW 2010.

In the first of many SX videos, Joshua Trinidad discovers that his face is on one of the new Bocumast Buttons. This is his reaction. Go here for more vids:
and go here to download our new sampler file:

-don't keep that shit to your self.

Sampler Pack 2010 & SXSW Videos

Bocumast Records 2010 Sampler Pack

Head on over to Bocumast.com/sampler and get our new "Bocumast Records Sampler Pack 2010" right now! It includes a ton of awesome shit: Images, scripts, songs, happyness, trojens and even a few puppies! It's all in there and ready for you to explore. Also, we just updated our Youtube account with a ton of new live videos from SXSW. Head over to youtube.com/user/bocumast to check them out.

New Tommy Metz (aka iuengliss) album for free at TommyMetz.com

Tommy Metz - The Blossom Frontier

The new album by Tommy Metz (aka iuengliss) is now available for free download at tommymetz.com. You can also preview the whole album there as well. Go grab it and enjoy! This is step away from iuengliss, according to Tommy, because "iuengliss is gonna go instrumental for a while. But I'm still mixing both together live at times". Catch him live at the following shows coming up: Apr 8th - Meadowlark, Denver. w/ Hideous Men, Iuengliss, Soul Fresh, and Ryat Apr 10th - Odell's FoCoMA, Fort Collins. Apr 20th - Hi-Dive, Denver. w/ Pictureplane, Hunter Dragon and Astrophagus.

Attention SXSW: Denver is about to Massage You with Music.

Yes Yes Yes, thank you, thank you, tha....shut the hell up! I'd like to take this opportunity to inform you of stuff you are probably well aware of already:

Bocumast will soon venture to the small town of Austin, TX to partake in a face to face lashing, the sights of which have never been seen, except if you have cspan running on 12 tube televisions throughout your home...or if you have ever tried to watch Jaws on 37 televisions, setting each tv 5 seconds faster than the next (actually if you have never done this, you must try it because its amazing....good luck finding the televisions, however). With an impressive 11 band arsenal, 6 boxes of confetti, 2 pairs of peacock feathered underpants, and a "jabba the hut" decoder ring, Bocumast along with several other meaningful Colorado representatives (ie: Mile Hi-Fidelity and SpokesBuzz among others with slowly, but surely, take Austin aside and begin to put our music inside it. Music does a great job of invoking certain emotions or "feelings" one may have suppressed over the years, so if you miss the feeling of "feelings" come to our events. Or perhaps you are tired of listening to shit, or forms of shit on your home listening devices and you are in need of something new, adventurous, bountiful, combative, and sexier than the idea of Jesus, then come to the Bocumast Day Party. There will be FREE BEER! T-Shirts, Stickers, Samplers, Drop Cards, CDs, Buttons, Posters, and Flyers, but most of all...there will be music. 6 hours of nonstop music to do with what you will. Again, here is the information in an easy to understand format: Bocumast (Bocumast.com) Day Party Thursday, March 18, 2010 Union Park (612 W. 6th St. Austin, TX 78701) 12 noon - 7pm FREE LONE STAR & OTHER EXOTIC BEERS. 11 Bands including: cougar legs tommy metz (aka iuengliss) hideous men snake rattle rattle snake astrophagus tim pourbaix hunter dragon married in berdichev milton melvin croissant III wire faces luis etscheid Brought to you by these AMAZING BUSINESSES: Meadowlark Bar UMS (Denver Post Underground Music Showcase) ManiaTV A Small Print Shop.net Pablos Coffee


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