"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Upcoming Bocumast Releases - Just in time for UMS!

Married in Berdichev
Readying EP

Tim Pourbaix
What's This Gonna Cost EP

We have new albums from Married in Berdichev and Tim Pourbaix coming out on July 20th, 2010. Just in time for UMS 2010!!! Stay tuned for more info on each of these. We also have a very special compilation coming up that we can't wait to announce in a few weeks. So check back soon!!!

Trash Humpers screening at Starz Film Center Tonight and Tomorrow Night

"Trash Humpers follows a small gang of sinister ‘elderly’ peeping toms through the shadows of a nightmarishly familiar suburban landscape. Their shocking and sociopathic behaviour makes for unbearably compelling viewing that scorches itself onto the mind’s eye." - Warp

Screening at 10pm Tonight and Tomorrow Night (June 11th and 12th) @ the Starz Film Center. Also, check out www.trashhumpers.com for some crazy disturbing ringtones!!

Jaydiohead "Ignorant Swan" video, like meat and potatoes for your ears and eyes.

Check out the new video for the Jay-Z/Radiohead mashup "Ignorant Swan," produced and directed by Jason Cacioppo! Now, normally I don't subscribe to any altering/covering/remixing of Radiohead because, really, who can do it better, but....I'm fully supportive of this creative undertaking. And I think this video is pretty nifty. Put it on your face. And when you're done, head over to  Jaydiohead.com and download both albums, Jaydiohead and Jaydiohead: The Encore for free and put them on your ears.

Review: "The Ghost Who Walks" by Karen Elson

Artist: Karen Elson

Album: The Ghost Who Walks

Glims of glamorous endangered fingertips spread past casts of white 60s stone lamps. Shrines of ointment pointing to wayward golden goddesses enhanced by vintage materials, dancing in the rain, pearls flying in circles to the backbeat. Midway shifts to a tramp-like wallop like ghosts, predicting the future, declaring it all meaningless. Hardly. Its malleable, meek, and spry, clawing gently at your thighs. Full whimsy, almost folk, weaving poles of ribbon, ribbons of color. The great moments are clouded by the good, but there is enough good oozing through a few listens for a few more. From psychedelic scores to dangerous harmonical whorish echos beyond mid-level story-telling, Karen Elson takes us places, then when we get there, pushes our faces in the dirt, steps on the back of our knees and slowly scrapes our backs until the first sight of blood, all while keeping her dress white. "Ghost" finishes up on a western tip with "The Last Laugh," as if to pay homage to her roots...but perhaps sharing the beauty of her true talents as this is nearly the best song (or Lunasa), and it leaves you wanting more of it...or maybe that's just my current mood. Ghosts captures something for all occasions, or at least one good occasion. Intentional? Accidental? Mysterious? Either way, give us more like this one, Karen Elson...and watch out for the moon, its right behind you!  -David A. Kurtz

Rating: 7/10

Website:  http://www.karenelson.com

Similar Artists: Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley, Probably some shit that's too mainstream for us.

Similar Bocumast Artists: Cougar Legs (actually, not similar at all really...but we wanted to put something)


Welcome to the new Bocumast.0

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME You are currently viewing the New Bocumast.com

Please take a moment to explore your surroundings..........now check out our cool site.

Here are the obvious changes: new design, new layout, artist list, releases catalogue

Here are some not-so-obvious changes: Complete download store integration. Sign up for an account and you can download/purchase any Bocumast album for only $6. I know, crazy, right? You can also get any EP for only $3. And soon you will be able to purchase individual songs at discounted prices also. When those other labels/sites have got you down, come to Bocumast.com for all your music needs!

At Bocumast we believe in being able to try before you buy, which is why when you click on a release, you can listen without paying a dime or even signing up, but we're confident that you will find something you like.

Also, At Bocumast we're committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable music oriented materials. That's why we're currently spending $1million (more like $10) a day to enhance the technology and safety of our products. And we have also made our comprehensive Bocumast Safety System standard with every download. At Bocumast, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any and all of our decisions. --just check out this commercial that says exactly that:

And don't forget to download a copy of Natural Selection's "White Picket Fences" by clicking on the image to the right. Its a great album. You can also join Natural Selection for their album release party Tonight @ Meadowlark Bar in Denver Colorado. Get there early!

So thank you everyone for inspiring us to do what we do.We hope you will enjoy The New Bocumast.com as much as we do. Please keep checking back for new tour updates, concert reviews, album reviews, and of course, NEW RELEASES from Bocumast Records.


New Natural Selection Tracks on Myspace, Album Release on Friday

Natural Selection

Visit http://www.myspace.com/thenaturalselection to listen to two new tracks off their new album "White Picket Fence". And don't forget we are celebrating this release on Friday @ Meadowlark bar (27th and Larimer, Denver). See you there!

Also, we are set to launch the new Bocumast site on Friday if all goes well so check back for that!!

Natural Selection CD Releases & other worth while decisions.

Natural Selection does not live in a cave. Natural Selection is not a conglomerate band based on loose neck ties, loafers, and a nice bike. You won't hear anything like them in this town or even the next city along your journey to Pacific Play Land. But when you get there, Natural Selection gives you new hope by tracking down all the good stuff left and making songs out of it. I hope you will all join us for what will be a metaphysical experience at the Meadowlark bar. And I don't mean that in a cheesy way. I mean it in a really awesome way.

Their new album is like putting on a new shirt in the store where you just bought it and wearing it around town. Its a gift to the lion tamer and the bearded lady, celebrating the purpose of celebrations, where everyone gets their own cake...not just a piece. Attention Colorado Residents or Visitors! Here is your show information: Natural Selection "White Picket Fences" Release Party (OUTDOOR SHOW!!) Meadowlark Bar June 4 w/MMCIII, Wire Faces, & Pirate Signal Get there early. This will be a big one! RSVP HERE: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=118288514877858&ref=ts other CD release performances include: May 30th in St. Louis, MO June 3 in Lawrence, KS June 5 @ Surfside in Ft. Collins. Please come to one of these shows and get the new album "White Picket Fences." Its one of those that will make you think "well, gosh darn it, that's what I've been missing from my life." And then it won't leave your player for 6 months. Be well.

You can read a great article about Natural Selection and Samuel Glover's quest to hypnotize the world right here Thank you, Eryc Eyl for the amazing write up!

Aenka/hunter/night of ultraviolence @ bongo fury tour kickoff @ Glob - review by Tom Murphy.

Just happ-happened upon this review. Thanks Tom for your eloquence and presence. You are so important to us. Thank you. READ THE REVIEW HERE on WESTWORD MUSIC BLOG



Come to an event and get one of these fine collectible tees. Printed by the fine folks at A Small Print Shop.net:asmallprintshop.net

Simply the best place for t-shirt printing in Denver, CO.

Wire Faces Self Titled Debut Album Out Now!

Wire Faces

Formed in late 2008 from the ashes of The Jimi Austin, Wire Faces is the brainchild of guitarist Ian Haygood and drummer Shane Zweygardt. In 2009 they added world renowned chef Menyus Borocz on bass, and felt a sudden kinship reminiscent of 80s movies and popcorn, lace and undergarments, or Trivial Pursuit on Sunday. Soon Wire Faces began to bury their previous endeavors in swooping clouds of mysterious neo-retro alternative pervasion. The transition maintained the hearts and minds of past fans, while attracting passionate embraces from new crowds hell-bent on a good time. Their new self titled album is now available at all digital outlets and physical copies will be available at both their cd release shows this weekend: Fri May 7th @ Meadowlark Bar, Denver, w/ Achille Lauro, Astrophagus and Milton Melvin Croissant III Sat May 8th @ Road34, Fort Collins, w/ Tommy Metz and M. Pyres See you there!!

Aenka "Thermal Insulation" Tour

If you or a loved one..or even just an acquaintance or coworker live near one of the following areas, then please send them by way of one of these events. Aenka will have lots of cds, drop cards, cds, t-shirts, those fabulous aenka ties, and becca mhalek on alto and baritone. You never know when the next time you'll be able to tell your mom about such an awesome show. You might have to wait til next mother's day to share such news. Don't let your mom go without details from these great shows. Wednesday May 5 Vaudeville Mews 212 Fourth St. Des Moines, IA 50309 w/We Are Ourselves, Kyle Miller/Matthew Crowe, Town Talkies 6pm. This is an all ages show. We’ve heard this place is amazing. Come on out. Get there early or you’ll miss it. Thursday May 6 The Sugar Maple 441 E. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53224 Friday May 7 Chicago. Madison. TBD. contact David @ 720 2893132 if interested in having aenka perform at your home or venue. thank you. Saturday May 8 HEAVEN Gallery w/Wingspan (Caroline Davis, Patrick Breiner, Tony Barba, Dave Miller). These guys are amazing! Do come. 1550 N. Milwaukee St. Chicago IL 2nd Floor. 10p –all dates presented have been confirmed. please double check times w/venues for accuracy. thank you, America.


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