"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Hunter Dragon @ Mercury Cafe Next Tuesday with Redshift Radio

Hunter Dragon is playing live @ Mercury Cafe next tuesday with Reshift Radio

Pick up his new album "Weight & Measure" in the store here.

See you there!

Free Tim Pourbaix track @ Denver Post's "Steal this Track!"

Are you as excited as we are about the upcoming release from Tim Pourbaix, one of Denver's (now New York's!) favorite troubadours ? Well if your loins are quivering as violently as ours are and you just can't wait to hear Tim's new album, "What's This Gonna Cost" point your interweb navigational devices here and check out the track "Taking Form."

And don't forget to download Tim's album on July 20th, right here at Bocumast.com and watch him perform at Denver Post's 10th Annual Underground Music Showcase, July 22-25!

10 Signs your "mate" is cheating on you.....with us!

10. they have more than one tattoo.

09. sudden urges to go sailing.

08. you have two dogs. one named "hunter." one named "dragon."

07. owns a pinata shaped like a cougar leg.

06. during sex, they scream out "Iuengliss! IUEngliss!! IUENGLISS!!!"

05. favorite pizza topping: "natural selection."

04. has separate gold ipod...just for bocumast artists.

03. parachute pants.

02. sudden urge to travel to the Ukraine.

01. owns more than one Bocumast Sampler, Downloadable right here.

Hideous Men gives DonnyBrook a happy ending...or middle.

Donnybrook has a writer that wrote about these fine kids and their talents. Way to go Donnybrook! Way to go Hideous Men.

click here.


Free Married in Berdichev track @ Denver Post's "Steal This Track".

A beautiful song off of Married in Berdichev's upcoming EP "Readying" is available for free download on Denver Post's "Steal This Track". Follow this link to get it.

Readying will be available July 20th right here at bocumast.com and many other common outlets.

Pictureplane, CacheFlowe, Hollagramz & Scaffolding @ Meadowlark this Friday.

Great line-up of Denver electronic artists this Friday night @ Meadowlark Bar:


Friday, June 25, 2010.
Not to be missed!

Go see American Ectoplasm, if you're not afraid of no ghosts.

It's going to be Friday night soon and you know you don't have any plans so I thought I would take this opportunity to provide you with some. This Friday, June 18th, point your Chevrolegs in the direction of the Philip J. Steele Gallery at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design to catch the opening reception of the new Jimmy Joe Roche exhibit American Ectoplasm, a mind-melting array of sculpture, psychedelic video art and homemade computer programs. Currently residing in Baltimore, Jimmy Joe Roche is a long time video and audio collaborator of electronic superman Dan Deacon.

Head over to Jimmy's website linked above and play around with/download Slime Pulse, a self-developed, standalone noise generation software program available to you for free...assuming you have Mac OS!

The exhibit can be viewed Monday-Saturday at the gallery until July 24th! After checking out the opening, stop by the after party at Rhinoceropolis, starting at 10pm!

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Philip J. Steele Gallery
1600 Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 303.753.6046

Windfall Light: The Visual Language of ECM available @ Ghostly Store

I've been a long time fan of ECM recordings and cover art. This book illustrates the magic of their visuals and touches upon the brilliance and importance of ECM records as a label and a precedent for professional quality. I must admit they are a big influence on my own work from time to time, whether it shows or not. The art and the music they have put out over the years continues to inspire Bocumast to create, listen, perform, and create (its so important that it had to be in there twice). You can buy this book direction from Ghostly International's Store (one of our favorite labels). Thank you Ghostly. If you can afford it, BUY this amazing book HERE.


Video: Colourmusic - YES!

Colourmusic - Yes! from memphis industries on Vimeo.

So I saw these guys a few years ago at the Larimer Lounge in Denver Colorado. Their synth rock chanting and power chord happiness bundled with Flaming Lips influenced guitar enhanced melodies were just what I needed for a nice pick-me-up. Later I found out they were from my home state of Oklahoma and I must say that my impression changed a bit. I was proud. And now I am elated to see that they are still around and creating hilarious videos like this one. With this video, they have finally solidified the fist in the air to mean "YES!" Thanks Colourmusic. Please share this video with everyone.

Review: "Treats" by Sleigh Bells

Artist: Sleigh Bells

Album: Treats

Waves of distorted power dig trenches into your earflaps, peeling back the skin and licking the insides. Buses hurl past stops, only stopping to drop off crazy bitches, dragging them behind like waterskiers with thin knee pads, balding heads, and bold bloody bruises. "Treats" is a pixelated pigtailed romp through broken glass and honey covered biscuits. Its a melted video game party with the bass maxed out, a misfit's wet dream, a truckdrivers ornamental animal skull tied to the grill. "Sleigh Bells" sound like more than glitchy cheerleaders, in fact they would probably tongue rape glitched out cheerleaders. "Treats" slows on occasion for a breath of sweet twisted heat, layered through paranoid forest-like jogging trails, made for women, but used by men. This record draws you in like a drug...for those of you on meth or speed, you can give that up with one listen, you won't need it anymore...also, you're probably wasting your life by the way. With the female vocalities, and the pop oriented pleasure trends, this one might appeal a little more to the ladies, but, this is not a gang of women as it might sound. It is a duo of she and he. And she's pretty hot. So, guys, you can enjoy that aspect of it if nothing else. So, put on your roller skates, grab the rope (tied tightly to the back bumper), some double bubble, perhaps a hat made out of a chipmonk, some kind of shirt with purposeful rips and put this record on...then come over and scrub the kitchen floor. It needs a good cleaning.

Rating: 8/10

Website: http://www.infinitybells.com/

Similar Artists: Marnie Stern, Cansei De Ser Sexy, The Mae Shi, Peaches

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