"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Otem Rellik's New Album "Elephant Graveyard" Preview Video

Otem Rellik, a longtime favorite of Bocumast, is releasing his new album on the 31st of this month. It's been a log time coming and we are super excited to hear it. It will be out on the label Circle Into Square and his own site DeadSpaceVolume.com and the first 25 copies sold get a free "ReMixtape" cassette. More on that here. He also just released this promo video which gives you an exciting insight into the new record.

Also be sure and check him out live soon. I saw him at this years Fort Collins FoCoMX festival and it was quite a pleasure and gigantic step up from the times I've seen him previously. 

Radical Married in Berdichev writeup on 20jazzfunkgreats

Check out this most intriguing review of Married in Berdichev's new album Readying all the way from the UK!  20jazzfunkgreats is a pretty awesome blog so give it a nice read through while you're at it.

And This Is A Picture Of A Cute Lamb


a UMS recap in Haiku form

Pollination Population
You are up above
A pizza kitchen and all
These people seem scared


Hideous Men performing at Indy Ink, day 3

Hideous Men
Ryan and Kristi
Their hoods are somewhat goofy
They fucked that shit up

Whoa man I'm freakin
Loud dirty trippy textures
Someone pass the chips

Eric Fuller, I
want to sleep inside your beard
You melted my face

Frankly Tasty hot dog van
Fat tubes of grilled meat
in a cute Volkswagen van
you saved my life twice

Itchy-O Marching Band in front of the Broadway Cop Shop

Itchy-O Marching Band
Damn it all, people
You do an ambitious thing
And your costumes rule

The irony of
This band playing a kid's store
Was lost on no one

Lucha Libre
I'm not really sure
what's going on with these guys
beefy dudes in masks

Carbon Choir
I wish these people
would shut up for a minute
so I could hear you

Wentworth Kersey's 3rd EP and Show Last Night @ UMS

Just got the 3rd ep by Wentworth Kersey of the Denver based label Plastic Sound Supply. Been a huge fan since I first saw them at their EP#1 release party at the very intimate basement of the Thin Man. Was a wonderful show. But I saw them last night at the UMS and it was a huge difference from the first show. Now with Jason Iselin from George and Caplin on bass and Frieda Stalheim on violin, the sound was just as full as the records themselves and a perfect recreation live. Joe Sampson (Bad Weather California) and Jeffrey Stevens (also from George and Caplin) are the true threads that bind this band though. Both of them were just so fun to watch and listen to. Put me in a happy heavenly cloud for 30 minutes:)

Visit WentworthKersey.com for some free track downloads and grab a copy of one of their EPs at iTunes or local record stores. The new one is really fantastic but I highly suggest checking out the whole trilogy to get the full story of this band.


Cougar Legs UMS Venue Change!

Cougar Legs - 5pm Sunday is now at Delite (32 s. broadway - across from Hi Dive).

Come join in the fun and make sure you fix those leaks.

What's This Gonna Cost? Only six dollars, and maybe some of your heart.

The majestic new album from Brooklyn's (via Denver!!) Tim Pourbaix, "What's This Gonna Cost," is available for purchase at the Bocumast store here! Recorded to tape with just an acoustic guitar and microphone the minimalist approach allows the listener to fill in the open spaces with the music of the emotions Tim's lyrics and hushed, cracking vocals conjure up. The perfect companion to a rain-soaked window pane and a drowned, lifeless bag of Earl Grey.

Tim Pourbaix plays two shows at this year's Denver Post Underground Music Showcase: 6:00pm Saturday July 24th at The Walnut Room Pizzeria and 6:45pm Sunday July 25th at the South Broadway Christian Church. Buy the album and bring whatever is left of your fragile emotional psyche down to the UMS to watch Tim's heart seep out of his mouth and hands.

Downloadable UMS Bocumast sked 2010.

Please download this image and share it with your friends. They may thank you...or slap you in the face...but its worth it.

Married in Berdichev's New Album "Readying" Now Available! Upcoming UMS Shows.

The new Married in Berdichev album "Readying" is available for download and physical purchase in the bocumast shop here. And check out the mp3 previews to get a feel for it. This album is amazing and will instantly take you places.

Check out Married in Berdichev at this years Underground Music Showcase. Saturday the 24th @ Indie Ink. She plays at 7:30. And for those of you who don't know, she is also in the amazing Denver band Nightshark. They will be playing earlier that day. 3pm @ Brown Barrel Tavern. Don't miss it!

The Mega Boc-tastic Line-Up at The UMS 2010. Don't keep this shit to yourself.

Friday 600 PM
Jason Cain (Astrophagus) @ Sketch
Tommy Metz (Iuengliss) @ WESTSTAF Stage @ Illiterate Gallery

Friday 1000 PM
Natural Selection
Heineken Stage @ The Import Warehouse

Saturday 330 PM
Marquee Magazine Stage @ Indy Ink

Saturday 430 PM
Hunter Dragon
Marquee Magazine Stage @ Indy Ink

Saturday 530 PM
The Bottesini Project
Marquee Magazine Stage @ Indy Ink

Saturday 600 PM
Tim Pourbaix
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Stage @ Walnut Room Pizzeria

Saturday 630 PM
Hideous Men
Marquee Magazine Stage @ Indy Ink

Saturday 700 PM
Wire Faces
Evergroove Stage @ 3 Kings Tavern.

Saturday 730 PM
Married in Berdichev
Marquee Mag Stage @ Indy Ink

Sunday 500 PM
Cougar Legs
Brown Barrel Tavern

Sunday 645 PM
Verizon Wireless Stage @ Hi Dive

Sunday 645 PM
Tim Pourbaix
South Broadway Christian Church


-if you make it to all these, you could win a new Jeep...or something....so don't miss it.

--please note all times subject to change without notice.

Hideous Men's Van Broken Into @ Titwrench Fest - Please Help!

Hideous Men's van got broken into @ Titwrench Festival this weekend. If anyone was around there and might have seen anything, please help them out. Some very important stuff got stolen. 

View their Craigslist post about it here: http://denver.craigslist.org/laf/1839093966.html

Thank you 

Double Rainbow Oh My God!

I want this to last forever. Thank you Hungrybear9562.

Philip Selway is in a family way.

Philip Selway, aka timekeeper for Radiohead, is putting down the sticks and picking up the guitar this summer! Set to release his first solo album, Familial, August 30th in the UK on the Bella Union label (home to faves Beach House, Fleet Foxes and Midlake) Phil is piling on the tour dates. But unless you live in Europe or are planning on spending holiday there, odds are you'll miss him. In anticipation of the release, Phil has made one song off of the album available as a free download!

By Some Miracle, the opening track, presents a wistful and haunting folk song, with breathy vocals and sparse electronics. The album, available in the US August 31st on Nonesuch Records, features Wilco member Glenn Kotche on drums, Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinberg and husky-voiced chanteuse Lisa Germano. If you're like me, you've already preordered your autographed copy from across the pond. If not, you're probably too late (sucka!) since only 150 copies will be signed, but don't let that stop you from purchasing this promising debut! 

Head over to Phil's website now and download By Some Miracle for free!


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