"Down Cosm" video by Iuengliss.

Alphabets, Cities of Earth, Cop Circles, Holophrase, Iuengliss and Pythian Whispers.

02.14.14 + Rhinoceropolis + Bocumast + Mantic
Alphabets, Cities of Earth, Cop Circles, Holophrase, Iuengliss, Pythian Whispers, DJ Sophocles

Wire Faces - Lend Me Your Ear

Grab the new Wire Faces song "Lend Me Your Ear" at Bandcamp and watch their new music video below.

Iuengliss - Down Cosm

New Iuengliss album drops today via Plastic Sound Supply. Go download/stream it on the microsite here. And watch the videeo for the title track below.

Alphabets - THRU THA RIP

Rediculous new album from Denver's Alphabets. Preview below or get it here.

Thug Entrancer (BDRMPPL, Thundercade, Hideous Men) Releasing New Album on Software Recording Co.

Death After Life, Thug Entrancer’s debut for Software Recording Co. is a deliberately realized collection of dance experimentation and hybridized electronic music with narrow stylistic precedents. It’s also a gripping, somber tide formed from the gravitational pull of an artist’s amble through unknown turfs.

Read more and pre-order here: http://www.softwarelabel.net/shop/thug-entrancer-death-after-life/

Tommy Metz's "Chances" EP Now Available

To foreshadow his upcoming full-length early next year, Tommy Metz releases a new vibrant and energetic ep "Chances". With glitched-out pianos, powerful beats and thick bass-lines, this ep gets your spirit lifted and moving. If you like this ep, the full-length takes it to a whole new level. So stay tuned!

Get it here.

400YEN By Alphabets

MR NASTI Releases New Video For "Always Believe"

Check out this uber-positive music video by MR NASTI. This song is sure to get stuck in your head!

Brittany Gould (aka Married in Berdichev) Etsy Shop

Married in Berdichev's Brittany Gould makes amazing artwork and sculpture and now has some of her work for sale on Etsy. I'm sure a lot more will end up on there soon so keep checking back. 


Plastic Sound Supply Releases New Ambient Comp Featuring Iuengliss, Cacheflowe, Scaffolding, C.DB.SN...

Plastic Sound Supply (Denver based record label and close friend of Bocumast) is at it again with "Ultrasoft! Anthems 33", a new ambient comp featuring a plethera of amazing Denver electronic artists including Iuengliss, Cacheflowe, C.DB.SN and many more. Grab the album for free this week at: http://plasticsoundsupply.com/release/ultrasoft_anthems_33/

New Patrick Lee Album - The Limberlost

It's a fine day in the world! Go grab Patrick Lee's new record "The Limberlost" at http://patrickleemusic.com.

"It has taiko drums (recorded on site on Alameda island, California), harp, spoken clips by my daughter and grandfather, pictures of my parents, and two songs over eight minutes long. So...I think it's ready for unleashment." - Patrick Lee


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